iTunes Portable

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Portable non official version of the Apple player


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iTunes is a multimedia player and manager used by millions of clients of Steve Jobs' company, especially by the iPod and iPhone users, because it is an essential tool to synchronize the Apple devices with the computer.

This portable non official adaptation of iTunes allows you to take it with you wherever you want. It's a modified and identical version of the program that allows you to install it on any portable storage device.

iTunes Portable is identical to the original version in the interface and the included options, in opening and reproducing your libraries, in listening and viewing the files, in synchronizing your iOS devices and entering the iTunes Store, all of this with the advantage that you don't need to install it.

Have all your multimedia content organized and synchronized, watch and listen to music and streaming videos and obtain new audiovisual content in the store. You can now do this from any place by only having iTunes Portable in your pocket.